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Jan 20

Bank of Canada Does Not Cut Rates

Blog posted by Cory Kline A.M.P  ::  Views (1477)
Bank of Canada Does Not Cut Rates 2016-01-20 | 09:47:45   In an evenly divided call by market analysts, the Bank of Canada maintained its target for the overnight rate at 1/2 percent. The Bank said that... [ more ]
Jan 13

Why homeowners and buyers can expect more mortgage rate hikes from the big banks

Blog posted by Cory Kline A.M.P  ::  Views (859)
Hi there, I’ve had several questions over the past few days about mortgage rates and the expectation of increasing rates… specifically with bond rates dropping.. why is this happening? Why should clients expect more increases to interest rates? ... [ more ]
Sep 30

Good News For Harper And The Canadian Economy

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2433)
Real gross domestic product (GDP) for July was posted at an better-than-expected 0.3 percent, confirming that the economy rebounded in the third quarter from the contraction in the first half of the year. Although oil prices remain depressed and... [ more ]
Sep 11

Mortgage Market Commentary

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (1801)
As we head into the busy, autumn, real estate season Canada's housing market is showing itself to be largely balanced and stable. Of course Vancouver and Toronto continue to exert undue influence on the national averages. In Toronto the average price of a... [ more ]
Jul 13

Your Mortgage Penalty Was How Much??

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (1979)
Someone recently asked if I could describe the various penalties associated with breaking a mortgage prior to the maturity date. Generally speaking, lenders usually use a 3 month interest penalty, or an Interest Rate Differential penalty (IRD). The penalty for... [ more ]
May 8

Boom! A bond market implosion this big has only happened twice in the past 15 years

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2163)
Julie Verhage, Bloomberg News | May 7, 2015 The last couple of weeks have proven to be quite interesting for bond markets around the world. Major government debt markets including Germany, the U.S. and the U.K. have seen a dramatic sell-off, sparking stark... [ more ]
Apr 15

Chief Economist Cautiously Optimistic After Announcement

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2266)
Dominion Lending Centres Chief Economist Dr. Sherry Cooper Cautiously Optimistic After Bank of Canada’s April Rate Policy Announcement April 15th 2015 Vancouver, BC - Following today's Bank of Canada’s announcement that it will hold... [ more ]
Apr 15

Bank of Canada Announcement

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2260)
The Bank of Canada did NOT make any changes to the overnight rate at their meeting today... Prime Rate remains at 2.85% Cory Kline, AMP Mortgage Planning Since 1998   -  VOTED:... [ more ]
Apr 10

Mortgage Market Update

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2587)
Rates remained unchanged this past week. The spring mortgage rate wars/specials have started. Make sure you fully explore what product is best suited for individual circumstances. The so called “sticker price” may not be the best deal for you. Always... [ more ]
Apr 10

CMHC Premiums Increasing June 1,2015

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2444)
Drawing conclusions: Will new CMHC premiums raise your mortgage payments? Preet Banerjee Published Monday, Apr. 06 2015, 11:23 AM EDT Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation issues mortgage loan default insurance. The federal housing agency recently announced... [ more ]
Apr 2

Do you wonder why banks have posted rates?...Penalties

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2347)
By  Trish Balaberde, Christine Hawkins, Darwyn Sloat - Kelowna Capital... [ more ]
Apr 1

Residential Market Commentary: Fixed vs Variable Rates

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2385)
Ultra-low but, apparently, unstable interest rates have Canadians favouring fixed-rate mortgages over variable by a ratio of nearly 2-to-1. A new survey, conducted by Nielson, for one of the country's big banks suggests 57% of homebuyers would pick a... [ more ]
Mar 5

Average Price of Homes in Toronto Tops $1 Million

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2661)
Wow! With a 9% housing price increase over last year, Toronto is now Canada's first $1 million housing city (at least for detached homes). What does this mean for Torontonians? Interestingly…This means that most first time home buyers and experienced... [ more ]
Mar 4

Bank of Canada Announcement March 4, 2015

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2521)
The Bank of Canada did not change their Prime Lending Rate at this mornings announcement. Prime Rate holds at 2.85% 5 Year Qualifying Rate has been reduced to 4.74% Next meeting with the... [ more ]
Mar 4

Dominion Lending Centres Chief Economist Comments on Bank Of Canada Rate Hold

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP  ::  Views (2371)
For Immediate Release March 4, 2015 Vancouver, B.C.- Dr. Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist for Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) was expecting the Bank of Canada to leave interest rates unchanged today in the wake of the surprising rate cut in late January. Governor... [ more ]
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